1970-1978 – LoI B years

In 1970, UCD were elected to the League of Ireland B - just one step down from senior football. It was around this time that Dr Tony O'Neill came to the club. In the 1970s and 1980s, the club toured many countries including Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Phillippines, Singapore, Macao, Tonga, Sudan, Malaysia, Australia and Jordan, where we took on the national team in a challenge match. In 1974, Dublin won the All-Ireland football championship, beating Kerry in the final. How times have changed! Playing in the Dubs' team was one Kevin Moran, later to play 70 times for Ireland and win the FA Cup with Manchester United and the Premiership with Blackburn Rovers. At the time, he was playing soccer for UCD - playing GAA on the Saturday and soccer on the Sunday. In 1976, he helped us to another Collingwood Cup, before signing for Pegasus (Graduates weren't allowed to play for the team then, so Pegasus was founded as a team for the graduates). In 1977, Pegasus outdid UCD by qualifying for the FAI Cup. Such was Moran's contribution that he was promptly snapped up by Manchester United. In the 1978/79 season, our top scorer was Hugo McNeill with 46 goals. McNeill left UCD that where he concentrated more on his rugby, and was part of the 1985 Triple Crown-winning side and the 1987 World Cup team. Despite continuing rumours, however, Brazilian international Socrates did not play for the club at this time!

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