UEFA Youth League: Molde FK v UCD AFC

Details of the Match Fixtures for the UEFA Youth League are confirmed.

UEFA Youth League: 1st Round, 2nd leg

Wednesday 18th October ko 18:30

Aker Stadion, Molde.

Molde FK (NOR) (1) v  (2) UCD AFC (IRL)

Molde FK, Aker Stadion, Julsundveien 14, 6412 Molde, Møre Romsdal, Norway

Club Website: http://www.moldefk.no/

Aker Stadion http://www.moldefk.no/english/aker-stadium

11,249 all-seated Aker Stadion has a synthetic pitch and is the venue for the U19s UEFA Youth League 2nd leg.  It’s the domestic venue for Molde FK first team who compete in top Division of Norwegian football Eliteserien.  Molde FK have also hosted Champions League at Aker Stadion. Molde II, the club’s reserve team that compete in the Third Division also play at Aker and the normal domestic league venue for their U19s.  The Stadium is right in the centre of town, situated in a beautiful location by the fjord.

Molde has an Airport, Molde Arø (MOL).  Nearby Alesund Vigra (AES) or Kristiansund (KSU) also might suit UCD Fans travelling to or from Oslo or other Norwegian cities by air.  Bergen (BGU) also has many International destinations. [Kristiansund is north of Molde and not the larger town Kristiansand close to Oslo].

Molde doesn’t have a train station, but Åndalsnes (33km) is the nearest station.

Accommodation, Activity and Cost-cutting guide are in the first comment below

Airports and Airlines

Airport (website linked)Code & Dist. from MoldeAirport WebsiteAirlinesDepartArrivePrice Notes
Oslo GardermoenOSL 462km (Road 6hr 47 min)https://avinor.no/flyplass/oslo/SAS (SK)
Norwegian (DY)
Air Norway (MDT)
Widerøe (WF)
Out SK4604 DUB 1310
Ret SK4603 OSL 10:50
OUT DY DUB 12:50
OSL 1620
DUB 12:10
OSL 10:50
Outward 17th Oct SAS €60.70 (8kg carry only) 70.70 (23kg checked).
RET 19th/20th OCT SAS €236/€248. SAS via Copenhagen €189.
After these dates, the price decreases.
Molde, ÅrøMOL 8km (20 mins)https://avinor.no/flyplass/molde/SAS (SK)
Norwegian (DY)
Widerøe (WF)
OUT Norwegian
DY1363 DUB 10:50
DY436 OSL 21:50
SK4528 OSL 19:25
MOL 22:50
MOL 20:40
DY 17th Oct €109 (carry on) €134 (20kg checked).
RET 19th €304/329
RET 20th €149/174
SAS 17th Oct €353/366
thru London €278.
RET SAS 19th €193/€206.
20th Oct €128/€141
MOL - OSL 19th Oct €96/€132
Ålesund, VigraAES 96km (2hrs 10min)https://avinor.no/flyplass/alesund/SAS (SK)
Norwegian (DY)
Widerøe (WF)
SK1326 OSL 17:10
SK1330 OSL 19:10
AES 18:05
AES 20:05
17th Oct DUB -OSL - AES 1 -way €124.92 (8kg Hand).
17th Oct DUB-OSL-AES 1-way €137.92 (23kg checked)
KristiansundKSU 68km (1hr 10mins)https://avinor.no/en/airport/kristiansund-airport/SAS (SK)
Widerøe (WF)
BergenBGU 459km (9 hours)https://avinor.no/flyplass/bergen/SAS (SK)
Norwegian (DY)
Widerøe (WF)
TrondheimTRD 250km (4hrs 05mins)https://avinor.no/flyplass/trondheim/SAS (SK)
Norwegian (SK)
Widerøe (WF)
Sandjefjord TorpTRF 620km (9hrs)https://www.torp.no/en/frontpage/?lang=en_GBNorwegian (DY)
Widerøe (WF)
Wizzair (W6)
Ryanair (FR)
Train: Torp Lufthavn to Andalsnes (33km from Molde) minipris between 400kr and 600kr one way on www.nsb.no.Budget airline airport.
No flights to/from IRL.
No flights to/from MOL, AES, KSU.
Flights in Norway to/ from Bergen (BGU), Trondheim (TRD).
Int. Manchester (MAN), London Stansted (STN), Amsterdam (AMS), Hamburg (HAM) and Copenhagen (CPH) Also Poland and Spain.


Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY)

Widerøe (WF)

Air Norway (M3)

Air options: Using DUB with two flights to West Norway and two flights back. The price of the Oslo-Dublin leg on Thurs 19th and Fri 20th is prohibitive.  The costs come down on Sat 21st and Sun 22nd.

A good value air-only option price 17th Oct Norwegian DY 1363 Dublin – Oslo – Molde €109/€134  But a 5hr wait in Oslo.  Return to Oslo Thursday 19th SAS 3 flights €97, €108/€127, €138.  Return to Dublin sat or Sun. Or remain in west for another day or two.

Two Fans have chosen Tuesday 17th DUB – OSL – AES (Alesund) €97/€110 and 1 night Alesund.  Bus and boat to Molde using FRAMmr.no website. Spending a few days in West Norway before returning by train from nearest train station Åndalsnes to Oslo Lufthavn, airport stop. Train also goes to Oslo S, main Oslo Rail Station.

https://entur.no/ Timetable and ticket agents. Very good general website for varied transport in Norway, search by point to point for public transport options. Routes can include bus, train and ferry/catamaran.

https://ruter.no/en/ Timetable and ticket agents for land travel.

Historic timetable guide, went under, now revived for different routes.

Norwegian Railways sell discounted (eg OSLO Åndalsnes 299 krone each way).


Bus There are local services run by FRAM website: http://www.frammr.no/   Email:fram@mrfylke.no

The services can include Catermaran or Ferry Services as the route crosses fjords.  Eg Ålesund to Molde crosses Moldefjord from Vestnes to Molde.


There are local routes with regular services through the day. Fjord1 run many if these services in West Norway. Website: http://www.fjord1.no

From the south, Vestnes is the corresponding port facing Molde.  There is a second service from Molde to Sekken Island, low altitude (200 metres). Bikes can be rented in Molde to bring free on the ferry.

Hurtigruten is a popular daily North -South long distance service up and down the coast of West Norway.  Using several big boats so that the daily timetable at the ports remain consistent.  Prices are reasonable.  Website: https://www.hurtigruten.com

Port to Port: Example Molde 21:30 – Bergen 14:30 (17 hours); Molde 22:15 Kriantiansund (KSU) 01:45 (3.½ hrs); Molde 22:15 – Trondheim 08:30 (10hr 15mins)   Fares are with or without Cabins.

Car Rental

Europcar Molde

Avis Molde Aro airport

Billeie.no Molde Aro Airport (selection of companies)

[ Accomodation and Activity blog will be posted in the comment section below this blog soon.  If any UCD Fans have any information, tips or queries about Norway or Western Norway they are more than welcome to get in touch so we can share the information.  If you are travelling get in touch so that Fans can network if they have similar itineraries.]

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  1. Second part of information on Molde and Norway.

    October 2015 article on Aker Stadion
    Molde environment (Averages for October)
    Temperature: Average: 6C/43F High:8/46 Low:4/39
    Sun/Rain: 11% chance of Sun; 58% chance of rain
    Daylight Hours (18th Oct): Sunrise 08:26 Sunset: 18:05
    Molde is in Møre og Romsdal county.
    Time: GMT/Irish Summer Time +1; Telephene: 47
    Currency: €1 = 9.03kr NOK/Kroner. 1kr divided into 100 øre.

    Visit Norway Official Tourism https://www.visitnorway.com/

    Kviltorp Camping. Beside the convenient Molde Arø Airport. Tent spaces, Caravan and Motorhome spaces, Cabins (Hytter), Apartments (Leiligheter), Boathouses (Sjøhus).
    Scandic Seilet Hotel (prev. Rica Seilet Hotel) extraordinary hotel with glass sides jutting up like a sail. Right beside the Aker Stadion.

    bbNorway.com Bed and Breakfast Norway. (Molde is in Møre og Romsdal county).
    Malmestranda romutleie, Fræna Country side B&B 15 minute drive north of Molde. single 400kr, Double 650kr.
    Booking.com (Hotels, B&Bs in Molde and search can be widened outwards)
    AirBnB.com (Private 1- and 2-bedroom apartments advertised. Apts may or may not have residents also sharing the same apartment).

    Cabins and Mountain Huts
    Serviced and non-serviced Cabins (Hytter) and Mountain Huts are available to rent.
    Den Norske Turistforening dnt.no

    Norway has only 5% cultivated land and with 4.5 million people has vast areas for Outdoor pursuits. “Right to roam” is an unwritten law that allows Norwegians and tourists to walk through the wilderness. It also allows to camp at the spot for one night provided the site is 150 metres from the nearest water or habitation.

    Walking routes and Cabins on detailed maps.
    As Molde is on a fjord there is steep high ground above the town. With plenty of opportunity for walking. Even on expected wet days of mid-October.

    Norwegians don’t see the weather as an obstacle. Two recent quotes
    Irish Tourist to Norwegian Receptionist: ” What is there to do?”
    Receptionist: “You can go walking in the mountains.”
    Irish Tourist: “But it’s raining!”
    Receptionist: rubbing the hand of the tourist “But your skin is waterproof.”

    Example Two: “There’s no wrong weather, just wrong set of clothes.”

    Norwegians have become immune to tourists complaints regarding the cost of living in Norway. VisitNorway Official Tourism has a few recommendations for Tourists to try and cut costs but still enjoy their stay.
    VisitNorway Stay Within Budget

    The UCD AFC SC hope UCD Fans are able to take something from the links provided. If any Fans have their own recommendations or queries they can post here contact the SC on Email: UCDsupporters@gmail.com

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